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We strive to breed and produce the highest quality Section B Welsh Ponies. ALL of our stock is for sale! See our VIDEOS!


Section B Welsh ponies are used for breeding Welsh and Welsh-cross sport ponies. High quality Welsh pony bloodlines used to breed and produce the best possible sport pony young stock include the following (external links will open in a new window):

Several of these ponies are now under saddle as well! See our new training photos!

Why Section B Welsh Ponies?

According to the Welsh Pony and Cob Wikipedia, native ponies existed in Wales before 1600 BC. "Welsh ponies are hardy, surefooted, and intelligent. Refined with clean bone, with substance, stamina, and soundness."

According to the Welsh Pony and Cob Society, Section B ponies have all the physical and personality characteristics of Section A ponies, but were bred to meet the demand for a larger riding type pony. They are no more than 14.2 hh and have no lower height limit. This added height allows the ponies to carry many sizes and ages of riders, from small children to senior adults.

These characteristics, along with their great temperaments, give Welsh ponies the versatility and longevity required to carry inexperienced to advanced riders, as well as serve in many other disciplines (e.g., cart or wagon pulling)  for many years.

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Gayfields Bein' Good

Beautiful liver chestnut stallion who throws wonderful babies with good temperaments. He has great hunter movement which includes a very large, reaching trot, a balanced canter, and a beautiful bascule over the fence.

High Hopes Elise

Elise is a beautiful palomino mare, full of life and power. Sired by Wedderlie Mardi Gras, she carries many of the same characteristics (e.g., type, balance, and substance) that makes her father so successful.

Steppe's Farla Dolce

Farla is a very sweet cremello mare who is training to be an excellent driving pony. Sired by Rollingwoods Cookie Thief, she comes by her talent naturally.

 Gayfields Bein' Good Welsh pony stallion standing at Windy Mane Welsh ponies

Home to some of the best quality sport horse and pony bloodlines!

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